Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wordful Wednesday - The simple, yet over looked stuff

So as I was thinking about what to bring to this week's Wordful Wednesday Picnic . I had a huge epiphany. I have had a really rough last few days, hell for that matter, a really rough last few months after being laid off. I do not pretend to understand how people choose who to lay off. Nope, my 08 numbers were all in double digit increases and had very profitable business booked for this 2009. Then, out of nowhere, after being told an hour earlier I was safe, the carpet was ripped out from under my feet. I was told by a friend I was not an ass kisser, thus, I was a threat. Well sure, I am a man who respects his accomplishments and that of others. Why would I kiss anyone's ass other than my wife's? I am sorry... let's be real if we can. If you are an invertebrate and have to lower yourself to cowl down and "kiss the ass" of someone else to be employed or please your boss, there are two very fundamental problems that will always haunt you in life.

1. You have no pride in yourself. NONE !!
2. You will always be kissing someone's ass. Pucker up buttercup.. Invest in some bag balm.

Come on. If you need to succumb to kissing up to someone with a gigantic ego and probably a size 4 shoe, you need serious help.

As a former athlete you learn to respect those with who you work and play, but to fear no one. In business in the U.S. the reality is you either learn to kiss ass of those above you no matter how fucking incompetent they may be or how much fecal matter they may have on their lips, or face lay off or dismissal. Be honest with yourself. If you are working, you could not look yourself in the mirror and tell me what I say is not the absolute truth. The system is so fatally flawed. It is what is at the root of the country's current financial and corporate collapse. As with animals, the strong should lead the pack, not the meek yet threatening.

I believe we need to start a grass roots effort to stop this long standing business practice. People need to take a stand for their personal pride, their hard work and ensure that their daily efforts are recognized and not minimalized, not sent to the unemployment line. Hold managers accountable for annual reviews that create value for the companies for which they work and not just use them as a pass off tool. Use them to help better the employees so to thus, better the company. Hello. Gut check HR departments. If they cannot perform this function, then they should lose their jobs or be demoted. Enough of the Golden Parachute days. Earn it, don't whore it out through selling out to the next manager you have to which you have to report. Managers need to manage. When I say that I mean really manage. Which, if we must go back to business 101 means actually "Coaching employees", not just giving the new tag line of:

"I expect you to run your area like it is your business."

For me this is a fine approach , as I have been on my own island on the west coast for 18 yrs serving dutifully and making business happen, year after year. However this canned management approach may sound great to some, but to those who want to learn, want to move up and want to actually be in your shoes and show how to be a manager and a leader it is a punk ass way out of doing your job. Much like raising great kids, get involved in the daily activities of the individual so to ensure you leave the world with a more desired product. Not just an obligatory, "Yeah, I was a manager or a father and it just didn't work, I e-mailed it in." If you choose that path .. First - good luck>> and second, please invest in chapstick and bag balm... ENJOY.

I say all this because I have always been, as I am with my family and friends, as loyal as a Labrador in a man's clothing to every company for which I have worked. My son came to me tonight on his way to bed and asked the following:

Son- "Dad? Do you know how much I love you?"

Me- "How Much?"

Son- "I love you more than the universe." Followed by a big hug.

That is all that matters to me. The love of my kids. Take the many awards I have earned in life away- who cares? My kids love me. I love them.

I simply want to have a job to continue to provide for them.

It is easier to please the world than it is to please myself.

Thanks so much to my friend Angie for the Wordful Wednesday Platform.

God Bless & Keep On Rockin In The Free World, Peace.


Deb said...

you are so on the money with this one. but where does it start? who takes that first step to get these idiots out of the positions of power and start staying true to ourselves? it is easy for me to do, because i am basically unemployable for a whole host of reasons, and have the luxury to stay unemployed if i so choose. but you need to provide for your family. my husband has to, as well. he was in the situation a few years back and was already on his way to partnership when he decided to take a stand. it was the biggest, most expensive nightmare, but now he is in a job with competent people whom he respects. well worth it.

The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic said...

Your whole experience is exactly why my DH and I have our own small businesses. I find reading your posts very interesting since I could have chosen such a similar path, oh so many years ago....

Kids are our truth! Love them for it.

angie said...

I'm with Deb. Such a powerful post. I have the luxury to be able to sit back and think about way to make it better, but in reality, I don't have the stress related to it with the need to support my family. Such a terrible cycle.

Your "parting" words really touched me......the love of our children (and spouses) really is the important stuff life is made of, isn't it?