Saturday, December 19, 2009

To the Asian individual who keeps posting their inappropriate non response comments. If our paths ever cross physically, I hope you can run fast.

I am so damned mad about this idiot who keeps posting her naked Asian website info within my honest and heartfelt, well thought out posts I do not know what to do. I feel helpless. I tracked down her site only to get an eye full of gross Asian kinky porn that no one should be subjected to and 70 billion pop ups and weird computer responses, so I shut down before my computer got fried.. I have tried to block her, sent a message asking kindly to cease and desist from this on my site, all to avail. I don't know what to do. Please help before I make CNN headline news. If anyone has any ideas please pass them on. I am not sure if I move to Wordpress or what? All I can say is, if I run into this person it would not end well for them after they have disrespected me, my work and those whom I have written about. Message to the perp: Your nasty, unforgivable sexual acts being posted in a chickenshit, non response manner on my blog disrespecting my friends is not acceptable at any level. God Bless your soul should our paths ever cross you foolish, foolish ass hat.


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Friday, November 13, 2009

I Am Woman , Hear Me Roar..!!

Yes this is a re-post. But it carries enough importance that I want to share it again.

I look out my office window and the rain is coming down in its traditional torrential Oregon fashion for November. These long wintry days can drag a person down to be sure, but today I am completely and utterly overjoyed and happy. You see, I just got off the phone with my brother from another mother. This long awaited conversation is one that to be completely transparent I did not know I would ever have. Break out the tissues because in the following muse we are going to take a walk of life.

Today's call started back on another cold wintry day last March. As is customary, once every few weeks, I take a moment to call my dear friend Skip (who is my friend & brother and was my roommate and teammate at Virginia Tech.) to catch up on life and our families. Skip sounded pretty upbeat as is usual for his demeanor, but I could tell even 2,500 miles and at least 8 states away something was wrong.

You see, 7 years ago Skip married a spicy, smokin' hot, southern accented gal named Karen. The first time I met Karen, while visiting Skip in Richmond, I just knew she was the one for my friend. To compliment her beauty she has a fiery spirit & zest for life that is completely infectious. Hopefully you have had the joy of knowing this type of person. Everything about them makes you want to be around them 24-7 because their attitude and approach to life makes you and your life so much more robust. Oh yeah, and she has the most rocking, smoky, sultry voice. She should have her own record, seriously. Most importantly, she is a kind, gentle, loving mother and wife.

One afternoon in February, while snuggling with her 2 year old son Michael, Karen felt a small lump in her breast. Literally, within a few days that small lump had grown into a massive malignant tumor, which required a partial mastectomy. Karen was diagnosed with a rare and extremely aggressive form of breast cancer. She has had multiple rounds of chemotherapy, a full blood transfusion to save her life from a blood infection and is now enduring radiation treatment. The prognosis has been uncertain at best.

When Skip broke this news to me all I could do the rest of the day was fight off the tears that kept welling up in my eyes out of fear and hurt for my friends. I held my wife and would not let go as I told her of the news. I held my kids when they arrived home from school. I know, I am a big baby. But I don't care. I care about people and especially the ones I love and cherish like my family and friends. I committed myself to think that

"damn it, she is a tough, spirited woman and she is going to kick this cancer's ass! She just has to. It's that simple. Little Michael and Skip need her! She completes them. She is not done here. She has so much more to offer this world."

The randomness of life dealing cards like this to good, awesome people has, and always will be, a complete mystery to me.

So to digress, as I stated earlier, I am overjoyed, utterly and completely HAPPY today and with tears to boot! Skip has told me that Karen's doctors seem to feel that she is going to be a survivor. I do not pretend to know or understand all the intricacies of the nightmare Karen and Skip have endured during this 9 months of hell. I do know this-- Karen is one of the strongest galvanizing people I know. I know I am a stronger person because of her strength. She is a testament to the desire to live and fight the good fight with the tenaciousness of a lion. She has inspired me, my family and my parents with her resolve. I hope that God continues to shine down on her. You ROCK girl! We love you.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fly The I Bought A Half Seat Skies

So, as most of you know I have been traveling a great deal lately. Well, every week the past 2 months. I usually begin with a commute to Salt Lake City at 6am every Monday morning. Well on this beautiful day I commuted but I commuted in half a plane seat. Yes i would like to thank the airlines for not making the lady who sat in 11E this morning buy E & F. So I got to spend the entire flight with her stinky perfume glossed fat ass & armpit drooling over into my seat. I think my left shoulder which was forced out into the aisle may be dislocated after taking multiple hits from the beverage cart and the flight attendants.

To make it worse the flight attendants kept looking at this bovine creature and did nothing about the situation. Thanks Delta Airlines, maybe I should bill you back for a half a seat? I am usually a very kind and caring person, but when I pay for a seat I want my seat to be mine damnit. I guess I can only pray for my upgrades to come more often. To boot, this thing acted like she did not have a care in the world. As though I just have to deal with her innconviencing me. I do understand we all come in different shapes and sizes, but there has to be something the airlines can do about situations like this.. Or people need to take action themselves to not allow themselves to treat others with this kind of high disrespect. Buy 2 seats fool.

"Keep On Rocking In The free World"

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordful Wednesday, One Of My Favorite Vaction Spots

We honeymooned on this jewel of the Caribbean and have gone back now 7 times since. Just looking at this picture I can hear the Kenny Chesney in the background. This is the last villa we rented with 4 of our favorite couples. Oh the memories run deep for us there. The air is warm and relaxation is the only appointment scheduled. Well, maybe a burger at Skinny Legs on the far north end of the island. This place is known as the island of love. I sure do love it and can't wait to go back someday.

No better way to finish off a day of chartered snorkeling in the very close BVI than to stop off at The Willey T and say hello to Zeus and down something cool in the Shotski.

Sunsets like these never get old on St. John USVI in my old blue chair..

Now go check out more wonderful places that Angie's friends are sharing.

Keep On Rockin In The Free World

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Friday, September 11, 2009

What time Zone Am I In?

So, I really am not sure what time zone I am in after the past 4 weeks of my life. As I packed and prepared to embark on my latest trip across the country to visit one of my valued customers my wonderful daughter Alayna packed "Munchie The Travel Monkey" in my bag.

"Please take Munchie Daddy, he will keep you company and keep you safe." This is just one of many reasons I love her. She looks out after me and I look out after her. The following is the results of "Munchie's" great travels.

"Munchie" working hard to return emails and answer customer questions before the flight to Atlanta.

"Munchie" waiting for a red coat agent to tell us we got an upgrade.

"Munchie hanging in his seat, awaiting wheels up to Pittsburgh.
"When do we get the peanuts & drinks?"

"Munchie" chillin in his hotel after a long day of travels.
" Where is my dinner dude? How about a foot massage?"

"Munchie" Meets a Pittsburgh hall of Fame Hero in the Steel city. The Immaculate reception. Time to fly to C-Town.

"Munchie" hangs out and awaits a flight from Cincinnati to Salt lake City inside the Delta widget.

"Munchie" spends time hanging in Dad's office in Ogden.

"Munchie" enjoying his perch on the Salomon Koozie while dad works.

Finally, "Munchie" gets his wings prior to flying home to Portland. Apparently Dad was not a threat and did not meet the terrorist profile, so the pilots allowed "Munchie" to co-pilot. he is awaiting the final paperwork and ready to give his pre departure announcment. To be true, it sounded a bit like Charlie Brown's Mother on the phone.
"Mumble, mumble, Portland. Mumble, mumble fasten seat belts. Mumble, mumble have a nice flight."

Another week of national travel successfully completed. Alayna was correct. "Munchie" did keep me company and did keep me safe. Bless you my sweet girl. Daddy loves you. "Munchie made for a great travel companion.

Make it a Great Weekend Y'all!!!

Keep On Rockin In The Free world.

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Planes, Autos & Max Headrum?

Ok so it has been one month since I began this new and exciting journey. I sit here in the last hour of my flight home after 6 days on the road reflecting on the week’s absolute madness but sheer joy. Much was accomplished in these past days as I and a strong team of our Salomon staff attended multiple pre season ski sales throughout the greater Denver area. A true Labor Day weekend. By all accounts the economy is showing signs of coming back. People were out in full force spending money on big ticket ski items not just window shopping. Either the economy is starting to show signs of coming out of the flat line or people have decided that last year they were miserable and spent and did nothing after getting bum rushed by the fledgling economy and have now decided if they are gong to get screwed by the government, at least this ski season they were going to have a damn good time while doing so. I agree. If you’re going down, go down with a smile and enjoy the ride.

Things seem to be good. I love what I do. That is not hard when what you do is what you love outside of work. So the question is, is it really work if your work is your passions? Kind of like the Cadillac commercial with the beautiful Kate Walsh. “When you turn on your car, does it return he favor?”

The family is doing well. We have been feverishly searching for a new home in Utah. We may have identified a few. The downside is we must sell our beloved home in Portland for a profit to do anything on the other end, which goes against the mindset of the relo folks who think they own our home. SCREEEEEEEECH>>>>>NOT!!!! WE DO!Got it. Unlike the Obama health plan or serving my tax dollars to those jackholes on wall street to pay their bonuses for driving this global economic Hummer into the Grand Canyon, I am not letting anyone shove this down my throat.. Point made.

More updates as I have time. My travel schedule has been Crazy.(I have been reading each of your efforts at night and love your work. Thank you for helping keep me real and sain.) I am off to the east coast at Oh’ dark thirty Tuesday morning to start this next week’s madness. Oh, I swear I saw Max Headrum walking through the Salt Lake Airport. I just could not get my camera out in time. Next time I will catch that elusive creature. God Bless.

Keep On Rockin In The Free World.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday's Funny's

Ok, So if you like the show Two & A Half Men. These short turbo dating snippets are some very funny stuff. I hope you get a good laugh. Remember laughter is the best medicine.

Turbo Dates: Size Matters

Keep On Rock'in In The Free World

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Life, Love & More Life

As most of you know I have been on something of a bloggy "walkabout". During this time I have still taken the time to read others posts and once and a while come across a new blog that is just a must read. All I can say is that THE FAT CYCLIST is one awesome blog. I will let you read for yourself. He is so inspirational and real. " Fight Like Susan." LiveStrong.

Keep On Rock'in In The Free World

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Am Back....Well Kind Of.. Sort Of..

I'm happy to report that I've kicked my black tar heroin addiction (not sure if you were aware of that), was able to buy back my children from that North Korean extremist couple I sold them to a few months ago, I am no longer serving as a donor at the fertilization clinic, and found solace in accepting Jesus' son, Alfred, as my second-in-command personal savior. I figure its good to have a back-up just in case something happens to the big guy. Alfred is like my Goose to JC's Maverick.

The kids are doing well adjusting to their new/old life, although they are a little scarred. Is it odd they insist on sitting under my desk for fear of me leaving them? They also tremble anytime someone asks if they would like noodles.
"No Noodle for you."
Anyway, Colleen divorced me, remarried twice (once to a woman), only to divorce those losers and remarry me again all in the spance of a few short months. We exchanged our vows in smelly rednecks barn because we could roll in the hay. So all in all, its shaping up to be a really good fall. Fingers crossed.

Ok, maybe all that didn't happen. Truth be told, things are really good and I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I am back from my walk about. I have gained much and grown even more over these months. Over the course of the next few months I will inject some of my experiences into the blog.

The burning question most of you may have is; do I have a job? Yes, I was very fortunate to land as the National Accounts Manager for Amer Sports. I will be selling Salomon Ski's, boots, Bindings, Snowboards and clothing as well as Atomic Skis and Suunto watches to Dick's Sporting Goods and The Sports Authority. I will working out the HQ in Ogden, UT. So, we will be relocating to Utah and leaving our home, many friends, and the beautiful Oregon surroundings. We are very sad about that, but a new and exciting journey awaits us. I look forward to embracing the new chapter of my life and making the very best of it all. You guys have a good weekend.

Keep On Rockin In The Free World !!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Keep Summer Fun

Still on my "Walk About" gathering strength and more, but I read this and felt you all should read this very powerful story about kids swimming this summer. God bless

Keep On Rockin' In The Free World

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Madness

I want you to take a few moments to listen closely to Rep. Michelle Bachmann gives a great explanation on what is going on inside our government. This should make you angry as hell. If not check your pulse , take 3 aspirin and call your soon to be socialized physician in the morning to get a colonoscopy while they still use versed.

"Keep On Rock'in In The Free World" While it is still free..

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TT - Even In The Quietest Moments

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our dark that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people don't feel insecure around you.We are all meant to shine as children do. Its not just in some of us; its in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."
Mahatma Gandhi

In the quietest moments our thoughts are most pure and can be harvested and built upon for the greater good. The air this morning was heavy even though it was somewhat chilly. Kind of strange meteorologicaly speaking. I am flying without my editor this fine morning. I only say this as a warning to those who are punctually and grammatically anal. I am a writer not an editor. Kind of like Ed. He was an attorney and owned a bowling alley, two separate things. See I have the whacky mind with all the ideas and can put them into motion. My better half puts dots and commas and pauses and stops in places I never thought to pause or stop.

So this mornings walk was one of pure brilliance. It was so quiet all you could hear was the pure melodious chirping of the early sunrise birds and in a few areas the seeping whistle of water jetting out of the sprinklers. I have always wondered what it would be like to be able to understand what the birds are saying. Are they really singing a happy song? Or are they somewhat more diabolical?

Robin - "Chirp, chirp chirpetty chirp...= Hey look at the fat guy coming our way."
Meadowlark- "Chirp, chirpity, chirpy, chirp...= I See him, at least he is out trying to be healthy you rude fat ass Robin."
Robin - "Yeah F you Meadowlark punk."

I mean you can see my point? Maybe birds aren't always singing a happy song like they teach them in school and on the Disney movies. I don't know. Anyway just one of many observations that come across this crazy mind.

The air held that scent of freshness in its grasp almost as though Mother Nature had actually cleansed it overnight. She left a strong scent of honeysuckle on one block. ( my personal favorite.) Another block the smell of toast and coffee wafted about the morning air. As I pass through each of the various neighborhoods I find that they each seem to have their own neighborhood alarm clock if you will. Some are still quiet and calm. Others are bustling with energy and the frenetic pace of our fast forward society. Cars zooming by. One with ding dong at the wheel barely noticing the guy on the road because she is driving, putting on her eyeliner and speaking on her cell phone all at the same time. Genius!! The sounds of hammers crashing down on wood, the wailing of power saws tearing through plywood and that obnoxious beep, beep , beep of the already blasted loud cement truck as it backs into position. Man those cement guys like to pour early. I guess the gelatinous state of cement must be more workable at 6am when it is cool than later in the day. Go figure. But thanks for the acoustic mind bender. The smell in the air around the construction site is one of raw wood and fresh cigarette smoke.A mixture I do not necessarily care for but it oddly tickles the senses. Yeah because nothing says good morning like a good heater. I guess I will never understand how starting the morning off with molten hot tobacco searing through your mouth and lungs is ever a good thing. Thank God I get to move back into the forest for the later part of my road time today. MMM fresh pine and that stifling quiet noise of the forest. The forest floor filled with ferns and other flora and fona seem to absorb all static sound to a hush.

I find it interesting the amount of information one can download while having an earpiece in one ear blasting tunes from an Ipod play list, and the other ear free to catch all of the worlds rapture as it awakens to a new day. I love my morning ritual. There is such a cathartic peace about this place and practice. God Bless you all, make it a great week.

Please go check out Angie's site for some great reads.

Tuesday's Tribute

"Keep On Rocking In The Free World"

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things That Made Me Tough

"Day 10 on my "Walk About". All is well. 6:35 am 55 degrees and rainy. Half way through my morning 5 mile ritual and I get an epiphany. More on that later, promise.As epiphanies go, it was hugely profound and may have changed the direction of my life forever, or at least brought me back to a grounding point.Anyway, as I said more on that later."

Ok, So lets try to stage this for you. For the past 4 months as most of you know I have been unemployed as a former co-worker told me.
"Let's face it you got screwed by some rather incompetent and unscrupulous people."
None the less,that is in the past and I must live in the now. An acquaintance of mine is a life coach. She drew the parallel that the loss of a job after 18yrs is much like the loss of a family member emotionally. You go through 3 very distinct phases,( disbelief, anger, sorrow ),each beholding their own unique challenges and growth opportunities. The hard part is getting through each stage with some sense of clarity so that you can actually see the forest through the trees and grasp the growth or more pointedly "Grasshopper snatch the pebble from the hand."

As I was hiking up one of the many hills that are splattered into my morning walk which I added to my daily workout routine it hit me. The adrenaline rush associated with this moment was indescribably intense. It hit me so hard I thought maybe my former roommate and ex-NFL Offensive Lineman had pulled around the corner and leveled me with a crushing block. ( which did happen once.Thanks Eug.) The rain was pouring down. I was walking at a good clip and I realized this was exactly the types of moments that had made me tough. Doing things that others are not willing to do. In high School the many mornings of running with my Dad at 5am while he and his nut case pals trained for the Ironman. At Virginia Tech Always pushing myself during strength training and to win the mile and a half conditioning run against our overly cocky quarterback. Did I win every time? No, but I won enough that people took notice and so did I, and that is what fueled me for next time. The years of 4:45am wake ups to attend spin class & weight training.

Ok so you are asking why these things are significant? The answer is these are the things that made me tough. I have allowed myself over the past few years to slack off on the workouts whether due to my arthritis, kids, work whatever. Sure family, my health and life are all important, very important. These were the things that identified me. So the epiphany was just that. These are the traits I had adopted that made me who I was and when I allowed them to fade I may have faded a bit with them. I have never been a quitter and especially when we are talking about life. So the in the words of Robert Plant " Hey Hey Momma said the way you move, gonna make you sweat gonna make you groove." Tony is getting his groove back. I do not have a job, but my job or job title has never been what has identified me as a person. Sure I will get a new job someday. Hopefully someday soon.The important things is that through all the disbelief, anger and sorrowful moments I have endured the past 4 months, I have gained a pearl of wisdom in this epiphenomena event. Sometimes in the winds of change, we find true direction.

Off to continue taking back what is rightfully mine. I must harness my toughness, my persona, my life. Just try to take it away again, see how that works out for you Life.

"Keep On Rocking In The Free World"

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