Thursday, April 2, 2009

Far Out Friday

So in support of my new friend EM and her recent post about a type A raising a type B, I had to share this moment of beauty.

A few nights ago, dinner is over, the kitchen is all cleaned with care, dishwasher loaded with the 30 million small plastic cups you get from every kids' pizza house and freaking food joint in town. Small cups for small hands, right? RIGHT....

But we seem to dirty like 20 a day...blah, blah blah...A family can never have enough of those trinkets of marketing trash. So I had asked the kids to try to use one cup for the entire day. Am I asking too much? Unless a bird happens by and shits in the said cup, it should be able to support your daily need for water, milk and maybe some juice. Just rinse and keep using. No?

So I hear the laughter of my 2 ever glowing geniuses from the kitchen. I just know that at 8 & 5 this means something of odd or potentially destructive value is taking place. So I go to investigate.

I round the corner and yes I was correct. They had taken party straws and jammed them into the outlet tube on the refrigerator door water dispenser to drink water.

"Mia Skatulli!! (Greek for little shits - they do not understand Greek yet, so it is my last island of expression that has not been explored by Columbus and his sister.) Why are you doing this?!!"

"We didn't want to use more cups, Dad."

I guess I had it coming, but come on. 8 & 5 and they have learned to tap into a 6ft tall keg of water? What is next? I dare not ask... Oy Vey.. God Bless me please.

Song of the Day: Live--- Lightening Crashes


CaJoh said...

I swear that my wife grabs at least 4 mugs a day whereas I always use the same cup over and over. There's two with water, one with tea, and one with coffee. Of course, I'm the one that has to scour the house so that I can wash them so she can repeat the cycle the next day.

Eudae-Mamia said...


Wouldn't you love to tap the creative thinking of an elementary school-aged child?

We could solve the world's problems, I KNOW it!!

And thanks for the song - one of my all-time, heartwrenching favorites.

Happy Weekend to you, dear Tony!

(and don't think I won't be adding that Greek saying to my list ;-)

Christy said...

Dear Tony, I hate to tell you this, but the "creativity" does not end by the time they turn 12! I have walked into the kitchen only to find your 12-year-old nephew BOILING MOUNTAIN DEW IN A TEAKETTLE!! WHICH SUBSEQUENTLY EXPLODED ALL OVER THE STOVE!! And I have found very interesting small containers of stuff in the freezer, such as the small bowl of water mixed with red food coloring your 10-year-old niece froze to make her brother think she was drinking blood! And then there were the times (yes, plural) that "someone" put a can of pop just under my back wheel (unnoticed by me, of course) and I then burst the poor can when backing out of the garage!! Oh, but life would be so BORING without these delightful moments to look back on! Christy

Laura said...

Dear Uncle Tony,
I wish I had seen that in person! I myself use at least 5 cups a day. Please tell my cousins hi for me!!!

jsprik said...

too smart for their own good, i say!! very cute, though!! ;)

Jenni Jiggety said...

Very clever!!!!

Christy said...

great music... fun posts... I like it!
Good luck with the 1 cup a day. Let me know how that goes! I have 6 kids total... and I am lucky if maybe 1 or 2 don't use more than 2 cups in a day!
I keep trying to enforce that rule... only one cup for the entire day... they still aren't listening!