Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Last Lecture.



Friday, September 12, 2008

Something to Really Think About...

Really Listen To The Message.. Enjoy..........


Thursday, September 11, 2008

You won't listen to Reason, Now you have to listen to your Mom!

I remember being 17, even 18 and knowing just one primal thing. I knew it all & oh by the way , Dad knew nothing and was just flat crazy. Well as most of us have had the good fortune to realize I really knew very little. So it seems that for some this epiphany takes hold oh around 19 or 22. For me it was 19 and again at 22. Now with every passing day I am reminded of the infinante wisdom and knowledge my father has amassed.

Now I know that everyone says that many things start earlier these days. ( having the birds and bees talk, etc. Oh and why is it the birds and bees? Why isn't it the pigs and horses or the chickens and the salamander? Anyway) The question here is how is it that an 8yr old can have the same primal knowledge that I had 18? Why is it that at 40 almost 41 I know nothing after painstakingly spending the past 20 yrs of my life collecting as much knowledge as possible to someday pass onto this child? Honest I have paid attention in this classroom called life. I try to learn from others mistakes and not follow their lead down the path of doom and demise. I have also stockpiled many great lessons and learning's through others. I have carefully patterned my skill sets in the vein of my father. I still know nothing or at least I am reminded daily that my knowledge is not there. Maybe I need to go back to the hospital where my 8yr old was born and ask again for the owners manual that they never gave us when we left as proud parents that glorious day. So, I guess if you won't listen my reason, now you will have to listen to Mom. Let me know how that works out... Blah blah blah


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Admit.....

Ok so I finally give in. I admit I am as anal retentive as a neurotic raccoon. They say that admitting your short comings is the first step to recovery. I apologize for saying we will leave for vacation at 8am when I really mean 7am prompt! Everything and I mean everything has its place in my world and in my mind, pen there, books go here, no the post-its go over there, sheesh. I apologize for asking for someone to accomplish something with the cruel back of my head expectation that it will be done like yesterday. ( That is how I roll-- same day service- or same hour, or even better " right frigging now for God sakes!".) Just ask those who really love me ( My wife, my Mom...hmmmmm) what a treat it is to live in this vortex of right nowness.... I love you all. So with all that said, lets set some expectations. That was step 1 of 12.. stay tuned, my Loving Father is in his sixties and he has not moved off the line an inch.. ( love ya Dad, thanks for the blessing of prompt, timely and crisp response.) -- think of all the stuff "The Others" miss. LOL


That is just plain funny, I don't care who you are.

We all need a good laugh once and a while, it soothes the soul.

Jeff Dunham: The Peanut & The Jalapeno


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Post from my friend Jay Cooney: " Don't Hate Me If I Am Rude."

A dear friend was sad recently, seems someone told her she was rude. She wrote, "apparently, i don't play well with others. i always thought i was just straightforward, but come to find out, i am rude and hurt people's feelings."Now, I enjoy this woman for the exact reason she has been criticized. Someone who says it like it is should be revered, not chased from the village with torches and pitchforks. Being someone like her who doesn't enjoy deliberately hurting people's feelings, and often feeling compelled to act when I know I HAVE hurt someone, I empathize. But there is a key concept here...deliberate actions. She, nor I, say these things that are taken as hurtful deliberately, but we are still hated for the comment.Take your neighborhood or family passive-aggressive personality that we all know and detest...we all have one or two lurking about at holiday gatherings, smiling at our hospitality, and then later blogging about their contempt for our lifestyle, child-rearing abilities, poor decorating taste or personal hygiene. One could easily argue that the decision to be passive-aggressive is a conscious and deliberate one, and yet to persecute these people is to kick sand in the face of the weakling. How is my deliberate action of saying what I am thinking worse than you keeping yours for delayed display when I am out of earshot??Well, guess what...and herein lays the lesson...I could care less.I will rarely deliberately hurt you. If I do, I am sorry. I said what I thought, I told it like it is, I have that right. Like the Dixie Chicks, sometimes we are all gonna say the wrong thing. Ask yourself, "Was it deliberately hurtful? If not, move on. I have.Now...the REAL trick is, nobody is allowed to hurt you. Yup, easier said than done, I am aware...but that is the true lesson. We only get hurt because we gave someone the power to hurt us. If you consistently give people the power to sit in judgment over you, you will be hurt.Square one is...I LIKE me. If you don't, well, each to their own. My mother, my wife, my kids and quite a few friends and family like me quite a bit, so it sounds like you might be missing a big plus in me. Regardless, I'm gonna look for the good in you.And I'm gonna like you until you give me good reason not to.