Monday, April 20, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute - Ridiculous Retail & A Heavy Heart

So it is with a heavy heart that I present my first ever Tuesday's Tribute without my brother and friend. Senor' Jay & the beloved, wonderful Deb. I know all is in good hands with Angie to be sure, as she is amazing. I just had to give a shout out to Jay as he heads to the basement to recharge his bloggy batteries to hopefully make an epic crushing come back very soon. Like the Phoenix he will rise from the ashes to be better than ever.

Now to some short but very ridiculous retail tribute. I go to a local national hardware store to buy a few small yard beautification products. Bark and river rocks. I am loading the 50lb bags of bark onto my push cart when I am approached by said sales person.

Me- "Hello, how are you this fine morning?"

Sales idiot- "Uh, ok."


Sales idiot- "Uh, like can I answer any questions?"

I literally looked him in the eyes with the disbelief of the world written all over my face and replied.

Me- "You're serious? I mean, it is only bark; shredded wood right? Do YOU have any questions?"

Sales idiot- "Uh, good point.."

Me- "Have a great day, dude."

Sales idiot- "mumble, mumble.."

I think I heard him say something as he slothed away about how he wished he had done a better job of waking and baking before coming to work. Not sure, but the possible translation was there. Oh my.

Cue Yackety Sax

Tuesday's Tribute

Keep On Rockin' in The Free World. Peace


Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

Isn't it amazing how Yackety Sax can make everything funny? Everything, that is, except Benny Hill. Sigh.... I wonder if someone is writing a dissertation on that somewhere?

angie said...

What a great tribute to Jay and Deb.

One can only shake their heads at some people............:)

Halftime Lessons said...

Thank you Pal, I really appreciate the kind words and support, as always.

I'll be back soon to writing, but always here to read you and comment if Im feeling especially pithy. ;-)

Call u soon,

CaJoh said...

I'm sure most sales people don't want to interact with customers, but have to because their boss is looking.

dada said...