Thursday, October 30, 2008

If You're Bored, You're Boring.....

So I thought I was on cruise control in the blog world. Create a post as part of my 12 step program and then keep on keeping on. Until today. Yes, because today, I was "Tagged".

"Tagged?" I asked.
"What the bloody hell is tagged?"

Well, thanks to my wonderful new friend Deb at dirtysocksandpizza. If you have not visited her blog you must. She is very witty and fun to read. I almost busted a gut reading her post: My Spiritual Journey: Finding My Inner To-Do List. I now understand the Blogology term of being "Tagged".

BLOGIPEDIA: Tagged: Blog 6 things people don't know about you and tag 6 other people from Twitter or Blogs. Then mention here that you wrote the post so we can visit you.

Now that you know the deal, let's get jiggy with it:

1. I was fortunate enough to carry the Olympic Torch the evening before the opening ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. I passed the flame onto Tristan Gale who eventually won Gold for the U.S. in women's skeleton. Then, my wife and I had the chance to ride the Park City, Utah Olympic Bobsled track with 2 U.S. Olympic Bobsled members. We cruised about 75 mph while pulling 6G's ( G-forces )in each corner. Wow! Only need to do that once. Probably the longest 31 seconds in my life.

2. I love sushi; especially sashimi. I have been known to scare the sushi chef as I can eat it like a killer whale.

3.I have a Master's Degree in Organizational Management. Much like my posts on my blog I could not have done it without my trusted Chief Editor and lovely wife, Colleen. I can write; I am just admittedly terrible with punctuation and grammer. Thank God for spell-check, too.

4. I am 100% Swedish. Yaah. "Lampor lyser, men ingen är hemma." Hmmm... you figure it out. Ok, I'll let you know. Loosely translated it means "lights are on, but no one is home."

5. I played defensive back at Virgina Tech University from 1988-1990. Yes, I ensured that I took full advantage of the gift of scholarship. I was actually a student athlete and graduated! I know that God is a Hokie because the leaves turn maroon & orange each fall.

6. I am a worrier. Yes, I worry incessently about everything and anything. I know it is not healthy or helpful, but I can't seem to help myself. I am exactly like my Dad. A neurotic raccoon with a type A personality. Everything has its place, time and purpose and they'd better not get out of order or synchronization. It would be bad. Now, my wonderful wife on the other hand, grounds me. She does not have a worry in the world. Seriously, she is a stone. She always tells me "oh honey, it always works out, or "why are you wasting so much energy on this?" I certainly married up.

So I am told there is a lot of flexibility in this little exercise. Good thing, because I am so new in this Blogosphere that I don't have 6 fellow bloggers I could tag without them thinking I am a blog stalker.
I'm tagging...well, no one for now.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Am Tony Elggren & I Approve This Message

Ok, so I have Politicitis. I am done, put a fork in me. Yes, it is a privilege and an honor to have the right to vote. No question. No, I am not telling you who I voted for. That is personal. But I am sick and tired of every other ad on TV and the radio being about Measure this and Measure that; and some dude in some district that I don't live in slinging mud at his or her opponent. Now, on a national level, don't even get me started. The Democrats can't keep their story straight on the no tax level. Is it $250,000 and below or $150,000 and below? I don't know, but I will tell you that last year the average household income was $48,000. That is a far cry from this imaginary middle class level these silver spoon politicians think is the income level. The other side is "getting all maveriky", whatever that is. Yeah, I am sick of both parties grab-assing. Quit spending obnoxious amounts of money on ads, planes, trains and automobiles! And, oh yeah... TV time! Why don't we just get down to the business of fixing this country. Most all of you know who you are voting for after 21 months of the Ad nauseam. Seriously folks, 5 more days of this may have me needing counselling to back me off the ledge. Stop the madness. I am Tony and I Approve This Message.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life's Little Yet Gigantic Blessings

As I look outside my window I can see the vibrant hues of yellow, orange and candied-apple red leaves of our trees falling to the ground and swirling in the breeze under some mindful concerto God has concocted this afternoon. As I look beyond this peaceful dance I see the two littlest, but most gigantic blessings I have been given, other than my own life. Am I qualified for such an honor of being a dad? If not, I have done a pretty damn good job of muddling my way through 8 years of it so far.

Like the trees, they blossom and grow so fast. I can only rest my faith in God that I will be able to provide all of the nourishment and Adam's ale they will need to quench their thirst for life.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Dinosaur Cage Fighting

This is in honor of my 5yr old who is our resident Paleontologist and has been known to live in character of some of his favorite dinos. Scary as it may seem, he has the walk/hop, the screech, and the retracted short arm thing of the Velociraptor down to a tee. So, needless to say, our home transforms into the Cretaceous period on just about a daily basis. He was given a free dino poster of a T-Rex while in a Maui shark tooth shop for his extensive, unprovoked knowledge of earth's first bird and many others. Do you know the name of earth's first bird? Hint: it starts with an A. Yeah, to hell with it! My money is on the kid.

So, The Question Is, How Long Could You Last Chained To A Bunkbed With A Velocirator??
( I lasted 1min 45 seconds )

I could survive for 1 minute, 22 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

Created by Bunk


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Groucho Marx is Alive

" I intend to live forever, or die trying. " Groucho Marx

No, he is not trick-or-treating. I ran across this fellow while waiting for my wife to get some coffee. This, for some reason, grabbed the neurotic raccoon in me and brought it to a screeching halt. You know, we probably do not stop long enough to take in the world around us. Usually I would think,

" Oh, another dude reading the paper. Nice red boots & striped tie, man."

But this time I stopped and took it in. I found myself wanting to know more about this character who had just perched himself on the fence next to the pumpkins to read his paper. Was he homeless? Did he always dress like this? Does he have some cool stories? What happens in his little dollop of this here third planet from the sun? I wonder if he would let me buy him a cup of that $5 Joe and chat? He moved on after a few moments, but the lesson was not missed: don't forget to stop and take in the world around you. What makes people tick? Wonder about people and your surroundings. I know it sounds childish, but maybe that's what we need; to be more like our children and really delve into the wonder of the world in which we live, instead of rushing around and missing so much. What do you think?


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today's Thought ( Cinnamon Bay, USVI )

The cure for anything is
salt water -
sweat, tears or the sea.

~ Isak Dinesen

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Shack.. A Must Read For All Humanity

For those of you who really know me, you are aware I have never been an advocate of organized religion. Simply, I believe in "Tonyism"; become as close to God as possible, treat people how you would want to be treated, pay it forward daily, and show as much love & kindness as possible to those you encounter. I have a very deep and strong interpersonal relationship with God and in my mind that is where the relationship should be. Between me & God.

With that transparency, a group of us, who have read and been touched by 'The Shack', are convinced this book deserves a reading across the broadest reaches of our culture. Not only is this a compelling and provocative story, but it has a literary quality to it that distinguishes it as a special gift. It offers one of the most poignant views of God and how He relates to humanity that has been written in our time. It will not only encourage those who already know Him but also engage those who have not yet recognized His work in their lives.

Upon reading the book pass it onto a friend or loved one for them to read and enjoy.

I promise this book will touch you in many wonderful ways. I hope you enjoy.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Believe. Do you ??????

So I believe whole heartily in a few fundamental things: Santa Clause, paying it forward & God. I also believe there is something of great value in immersing oneself in cherishing the innocence and curiosity of young children.

Last evening our daughter Alayna pulled out one of her loose teeth on her own. During dinner she asked us if the Tooth Fairy was real. I quickly reminded her that it was the Tooth Fairy who came to the rescue in the movie 'The Santa Clause'. So when she went to bed her mind was obviously still in full curiosity mode. The following was found under her pillow upon attempted extraction of tooth bag for payment.

She wanted an autograph from the ever so elusive Tooth Fairy. Hmmmmmmm....this left said Tooth Fairy in quite a pickle.. But as any true mother would do, Colleen rose to the occasion, practiced her autograph in Tooth Fairy style and eventually signed " Always Smiling, The Tooth Fairy". Oh, the adventures of parenting never cease! Honestly, I wouldn't like this journey so much if they did.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Its A Contest I Tell You! Its A Contest !!!!!

A contest say you? Yes I do.

Ok, so I have reconnected with an old friend Jay Cooney. Jay and I met oh, probably 16 years ago in Salt Lake City while living at the Santa Fe Apartments( aka 90210 SLC series) . He is a brilliant writer and very witty to boot.One very cool cat. Check out his Blog sometime when you have a need for a good uplifting laugh. I hope you enjoy his fine work. I am sure you will find your visit very cathartic. And check out the contest....

check it out and enjoy your stroll through Halftime Lessons.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jordan's Trip Log from Maui Wowie

So we just returned from 8 days in Maui. I need not say more about how cool the attachments are. These are 2 of the 6 page trip report my Kindergartner did. Can you figure out how he is spelling things at 5 and what they say? If not call me... Q-T

Peace out


Shine On You Crazy Diamond

So this is Mr. Soccer. Paley? Jordan, actually, or J-Dog, J-Diggity, even Jmaun.. Nevertheless, a stud in my eyes. He has his father's aggressive gene for sure. I have never been a lover or even a peripheral vision looker at the game that in Spain the fans throw bags of urine from the stand as they do not want to leave their seat to miss one highly RIVITING nano-second of this Euro sport that I do not understand or like..but I digress..
Ok, reality... my 5 yr old son (mini Tony) loves this game. I have to suck it up and enjoy it. AND I have! Jordan is such a joy to watch play this game that I do not fully understand. Weekly his "skilz" are getting better.I can't wait ot see him play football. I am thinking linebacker or fullback- he loves to hit people and stick his head into things ( trouble) . LOVE it..
"Lil' Homey" has mad skills and a touch of his mad dad's mondo game! Ok, so I am a white man who can jump but is just not up on the 'ghetto' lingo .ROTFL


Happy 42nd to My Better 1/2 or maybe Whole?

Happy Birthday to the woman who figured out that tequila was the way to my heart and talked me into marrying her. She has brought 2 beautiful little monsters into this world ( no small feat as all mothers know). Most importantly she puts up with me ( once again not a small undertaking whatsoever). Somehow she understands me, gets me & supports me unconditionally? Or at least she deserves an Oscar for acting like she does and I appreciate and love her for that. I am not an easy sell, as those who know me would tell you.
So now she is 42, I mean... not a day over 39. Nonetheless, I love you , your wackiness , your long descriptive stories - blah blah blah, blather and such as also too, US American, your memory loss ( or is that mine? NOT ) "I KNOW!" Happy Birthday! Another shot please.......