Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

So this is Mr. Soccer. Paley? Jordan, actually, or J-Dog, J-Diggity, even Jmaun.. Nevertheless, a stud in my eyes. He has his father's aggressive gene for sure. I have never been a lover or even a peripheral vision looker at the game that in Spain the fans throw bags of urine from the stand as they do not want to leave their seat to miss one highly RIVITING nano-second of this Euro sport that I do not understand or like..but I digress..
Ok, reality... my 5 yr old son (mini Tony) loves this game. I have to suck it up and enjoy it. AND I have! Jordan is such a joy to watch play this game that I do not fully understand. Weekly his "skilz" are getting better.I can't wait ot see him play football. I am thinking linebacker or fullback- he loves to hit people and stick his head into things ( trouble) . LOVE it..
"Lil' Homey" has mad skills and a touch of his mad dad's mondo game! Ok, so I am a white man who can jump but is just not up on the 'ghetto' lingo .ROTFL


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