Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Thousand Word Thursday

And for an ever so brief moment the fighting, shoving, chasing and name calling was at a cease fire, just along enough for these two shots.

Those are family heirloom stockings made with great love, by hand, by the kids Aunts. Chaos and disorder has been reinstated. To make the spirits brighter this season Alayna came home from school today with her "NEW" recorder. You know, those really obnoxious, ear piercing mini frigging flute things. All the dogs in the neighborhood were in tears tonight. I may not be far behind. Merry Christmas to All.

Cheaper Than Therapy


Deb said...

ah yes, the recorder. we have the recorder (for music) and the saxophone (for band). the neighbors have complained twice because we make him go practice on the back porch. i can't take it in the house.

The Mom said...

I love the comment about putting all the sibling rivalry aside to smile for the picture..."Santa's watching" is our threat of the day. LOL

Happy Holidays!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Well at least you have a picture as proof that they can be nice to each other.

April said...

Sorry about the recorder...I hate those things! Cute pictures...thanks for sharing.