Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve

So the big night is here. I am pretty sure the fat jolly dude has us on his route . I know the kids are excited about his visit and what may await them under the tree in the morning. They have been shaking presents trying to guess what might be inside. (Yeah, good luck with that.) I however, am wishing I could be with family. Gifts are so yesterday, but seeing family is very important. I will miss my dad's famous rock salt prime rib roast. I wonder what the Vegas line is on which brother will get the coveted left overs? I will miss seeing the faces of all the cousins as they interact with each other. I will miss the ageless jokes about my mother's awesome attempts to make dressing and fail painfully. (Honest, she had the best of intentions). The best was the year she made twice baked potatoes and when putting the cheese on top she forgot to remove that paper backing that separates the cheese in the package. Until my sister cut into hers, no one knew. I know it was not the eggnog because she does not drink. I chalk it up to the brain damage incurred from raising us five hellions. It seems that every year we revisit some of these and many more great moments in Elggren history. I am so very thankful for that which I do have.

I wish all of my family & friends and their families a very Merry Christmas.

For a good laugh go visit my friend The Mom for a very funny Christmas tale..

May God Bless you with warmth when it is cold outside. The warmth of good company in family & friends. And may the love and joy of the season fill your heart.


Swirl Girl said...

I found you from Thousand Word Thursdays - and was immediately impressed with your blog title!

Hubby is THE biggest Buffet fan and his favorite song is a Pirate Looks as Forty and mine is One Particular Harbor!!

Love your family photos and stories!

The Mom said...

Thanks for the shout, hope your holidays were warm and bright, here's to a fab new year!

Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

Warm holiday wishes to you, Tony!!