Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Believe. Do you ??????

So I believe whole heartily in a few fundamental things: Santa Clause, paying it forward & God. I also believe there is something of great value in immersing oneself in cherishing the innocence and curiosity of young children.

Last evening our daughter Alayna pulled out one of her loose teeth on her own. During dinner she asked us if the Tooth Fairy was real. I quickly reminded her that it was the Tooth Fairy who came to the rescue in the movie 'The Santa Clause'. So when she went to bed her mind was obviously still in full curiosity mode. The following was found under her pillow upon attempted extraction of tooth bag for payment.

She wanted an autograph from the ever so elusive Tooth Fairy. Hmmmmmmm....this left said Tooth Fairy in quite a pickle.. But as any true mother would do, Colleen rose to the occasion, practiced her autograph in Tooth Fairy style and eventually signed " Always Smiling, The Tooth Fairy". Oh, the adventures of parenting never cease! Honestly, I wouldn't like this journey so much if they did.



whitney said...

let me tell you about the time sierra asked for fairy dust in a sweet little not to said tooth fairy! Now it's on everyones list! Thanks sierra for keeping it fun for everyone!

Jay @halftime lessons said...

Thats awesome...good times ahead...