Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy 42nd to My Better 1/2 or maybe Whole?

Happy Birthday to the woman who figured out that tequila was the way to my heart and talked me into marrying her. She has brought 2 beautiful little monsters into this world ( no small feat as all mothers know). Most importantly she puts up with me ( once again not a small undertaking whatsoever). Somehow she understands me, gets me & supports me unconditionally? Or at least she deserves an Oscar for acting like she does and I appreciate and love her for that. I am not an easy sell, as those who know me would tell you.
So now she is 42, I mean... not a day over 39. Nonetheless, I love you , your wackiness , your long descriptive stories - blah blah blah, blather and such as also too, US American, your memory loss ( or is that mine? NOT ) "I KNOW!" Happy Birthday! Another shot please.......


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whitney said...

Happy B-day lady! I would have my husbands hide for posting that pic however!!! hee hee! love and miss you! Please post pics from Maui soon!