Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life's Little Yet Gigantic Blessings

As I look outside my window I can see the vibrant hues of yellow, orange and candied-apple red leaves of our trees falling to the ground and swirling in the breeze under some mindful concerto God has concocted this afternoon. As I look beyond this peaceful dance I see the two littlest, but most gigantic blessings I have been given, other than my own life. Am I qualified for such an honor of being a dad? If not, I have done a pretty damn good job of muddling my way through 8 years of it so far.

Like the trees, they blossom and grow so fast. I can only rest my faith in God that I will be able to provide all of the nourishment and Adam's ale they will need to quench their thirst for life.



Jay @halftime lessons said...

Your kids are beautiful pal...thank God they look like your wife.

Oregon Elkhorns said...
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Oregon Elkhorns said...

Best damn looking kids in the world. Love Alayna's Maui freckles. Good thing they look like their Dad. LOL