Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Thousand Word Thursday- Once A Hokie, Always A Hokie

So, I could probably write a thousand words about my awesome times while attending Virginia Tech University and playing football. I will always cherish these memories and most importantly the friendships that we forged during those times.( Bill, Skip, Eugene, Will, Scott, Angie, Lois, Cheryl, Karl,Viktor, Hackman, Coach Gentry, Coach Hite, Coach Beamer, Coach Foster and so many, many more.(please accept my apology if I have left your name off - nothing personal.) We are... Virginia Tech!!

I hope someday to meet you at the Top of The Stairs, to say hello again. God Bless each of you and your families. I wish you the very best in this New Year. Today I choose to share some old school, 20 yr old memories. (I know it dates me, but what the hell?)

Here is the answer to that oft-posed question, "What's a Hokie?"

Waiting to come onto the field.#15

Outside rush on the punter.

Hokie Family

Do you know why the leaves turn Maroon & Orange each fall? Because God is a Hokie.

Tonight 8pm est. The BCS Orange Bowl.

Hoki, Hoki, Hoki, Hy.
Techs, Techs, V.P.I.
Sola-Rex, Sola-Rah.
Polytechs - Vir-gin-ia.
Rae, Ri, V.P.I.


Jay @halftime lessons said...

Man look at the testosterone in that family!!

Happy New Year!!

The Mom said...

I love that name, I went to UCDavis and we were the Aggies...before that I was a HAYBALER!! Not sure if I moved up in the world.

Great memories and fun shot of the kids wearing maroon and orange!

Happy New Year!

ExtraordinaryMommy said...

Love the throw-back pictures...and love that your kids are embracing VaTech! Good luck with the game tonight!

Brooks said...

what great memories! we will be watching football around here today and tonight too!! Good luck!

The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic said...

Great looking Family! Cheer on!

Happy New Year!

Abby said...

Cute family! Happy New Year!

April said...

Happy New Year Mr. Hokie!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I like the action shot. It reminds me of...well nothing because I am a lazy chick who never played organized sports, but I like your pics...thanks for sharing!