Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hey Hey Moma Said The Way You Move Gonna Make You Sweat , Gonna Make Groove.

Day 10 on my "Walk About". All is well. 6:35 am 55 degrees and rainy. Half way through my morning 5 mile ritual and I get an epiphany. More on that later, promise.As epiphanies go, it was hugely profound and may have changed the direction of my life forever, or at least brought me back to a grounding point.Anyway, as I said more on that later.

It is Jr's last soccer game of the spring today. I as one of the coaches I feel so grateful to have had 12 families entrust their children to me for a few short hours for 6 Saturday's. I know very little about soccer, but I know a tremendous amount about sports,teamwork,life and their cyclical evolution around each others vortices. So very cool to see these kids grow and add another layer to their onion. Hope to be back after another 40 miles. The breeze is blowing across my face I have to keep moving in my day dream. God Bless.

"Keep On Rockin In The Free World"

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Em said...

Talk about a cliffhanger!?! I want more!!!

And thanks, now I won't be able to get Robert Plant out of my head, all day.


Deb said...

i'm with em... i could use the inspiration from a good epiphany.

i bet you make an awesome coach.

angie said...

You're keeping us hanging about your epiphany? Shame on you. j/k.

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