Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Who Gives A Rat's Ass Day

Props to Alayna for making a very cool Valentine's holder for school.

We do not celebrate Valentine's Day around here except for the kids. Why you may ask? Well, because it is an absolute "BOVINE BALDERDASH" silly day. What, the man is expected to go out and buy some gift for his wife or significant other to show he loves her? Are you kidding me? As I said before, "BOVINE BALDERDASH".

You should show your wife or husband or significant other you love them everyday, not just some randomly assigned day in the middle of winter that some sales & marketing Jackhole says we must so they can make up more silly ass products, mostly trinkets of trash, to steal your hard earned dollars and meet their lame contribution margins. Or the expensive buy that may or may not put you into debt in hopes of maybe getting a little something later tonight if the kids go to bed early enough and all the stars and moons align properly and one of you does not get a headache. [How'd you like that run on sentence?] (Oh, BTW, endorphins brought on by said acts help soothe headaches, WebMD). Ha, if you're lucky maybe you will get a good night's sleep.

Please, what a racket. The same concept should apply to Mother's day and Father's Day. Don't fall prey to this crap. Show your wife or husband or significant other you love them everyday, you will not have to use retail tricks to get what you should be enjoying together, kids or no kids and all will be well in the world.




Deb said...

c'mon tony, tell us how you REALLY feel about it!

all kidding aside, i totally agree with you... it's a load of bs.

hope you're hanging in there

Geri said...

AMEN BROTHER! This is what Jason and i think too!!