Sunday, September 6, 2009

Planes, Autos & Max Headrum?

Ok so it has been one month since I began this new and exciting journey. I sit here in the last hour of my flight home after 6 days on the road reflecting on the week’s absolute madness but sheer joy. Much was accomplished in these past days as I and a strong team of our Salomon staff attended multiple pre season ski sales throughout the greater Denver area. A true Labor Day weekend. By all accounts the economy is showing signs of coming back. People were out in full force spending money on big ticket ski items not just window shopping. Either the economy is starting to show signs of coming out of the flat line or people have decided that last year they were miserable and spent and did nothing after getting bum rushed by the fledgling economy and have now decided if they are gong to get screwed by the government, at least this ski season they were going to have a damn good time while doing so. I agree. If you’re going down, go down with a smile and enjoy the ride.

Things seem to be good. I love what I do. That is not hard when what you do is what you love outside of work. So the question is, is it really work if your work is your passions? Kind of like the Cadillac commercial with the beautiful Kate Walsh. “When you turn on your car, does it return he favor?”

The family is doing well. We have been feverishly searching for a new home in Utah. We may have identified a few. The downside is we must sell our beloved home in Portland for a profit to do anything on the other end, which goes against the mindset of the relo folks who think they own our home. SCREEEEEEEECH>>>>>NOT!!!! WE DO!Got it. Unlike the Obama health plan or serving my tax dollars to those jackholes on wall street to pay their bonuses for driving this global economic Hummer into the Grand Canyon, I am not letting anyone shove this down my throat.. Point made.

More updates as I have time. My travel schedule has been Crazy.(I have been reading each of your efforts at night and love your work. Thank you for helping keep me real and sain.) I am off to the east coast at Oh’ dark thirty Tuesday morning to start this next week’s madness. Oh, I swear I saw Max Headrum walking through the Salt Lake Airport. I just could not get my camera out in time. Next time I will catch that elusive creature. God Bless.

Keep On Rockin In The Free World.

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Deb said...

hey!!!! you'll be happy to know that we own 2 pairs of salomon suspects and a pair of salomon threats.

you wouldn't be interested in renting in utah for a while, would you? i saw one of my twitter friends is looking to rent their home.