Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Admit.....

Ok so I finally give in. I admit I am as anal retentive as a neurotic raccoon. They say that admitting your short comings is the first step to recovery. I apologize for saying we will leave for vacation at 8am when I really mean 7am prompt! Everything and I mean everything has its place in my world and in my mind, pen there, books go here, no the post-its go over there, sheesh. I apologize for asking for someone to accomplish something with the cruel back of my head expectation that it will be done like yesterday. ( That is how I roll-- same day service- or same hour, or even better " right frigging now for God sakes!".) Just ask those who really love me ( My wife, my Mom...hmmmmm) what a treat it is to live in this vortex of right nowness.... I love you all. So with all that said, lets set some expectations. That was step 1 of 12.. stay tuned, my Loving Father is in his sixties and he has not moved off the line an inch.. ( love ya Dad, thanks for the blessing of prompt, timely and crisp response.) -- think of all the stuff "The Others" miss. LOL


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