Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordful Wednesday, One Of My Favorite Vaction Spots

We honeymooned on this jewel of the Caribbean and have gone back now 7 times since. Just looking at this picture I can hear the Kenny Chesney in the background. This is the last villa we rented with 4 of our favorite couples. Oh the memories run deep for us there. The air is warm and relaxation is the only appointment scheduled. Well, maybe a burger at Skinny Legs on the far north end of the island. This place is known as the island of love. I sure do love it and can't wait to go back someday.

No better way to finish off a day of chartered snorkeling in the very close BVI than to stop off at The Willey T and say hello to Zeus and down something cool in the Shotski.

Sunsets like these never get old on St. John USVI in my old blue chair..

Now go check out more wonderful places that Angie's friends are sharing.

Keep On Rockin In The Free World

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Christy said...

Just say the word, and Mark and the kids and I will join y'all there! I've always wanted to stay in a villa like that! I think in a former life I must have been a Hawaiian or a resident of the Caribbean, because I HATE to wear shoes, and I love tropical weather and the water!!

Ali said...

I heart vacation.

bernthis said...

that looks like pure heaven! God, I could use a real vacation. It's been many, many years since I've had one of those

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